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Couple Breathes a Sigh of Relief

Life is smelling much sweeter for residents on Milan Terrace in Aldgate.

For years part of the street had been plagued by a stench wafting from a nearby wastewater pump station.

For Leonie and Jim Hennessey, who built their three-storey mansion as a retirement investment, the smell was more than a mere inconvenience.

“When we moved here about 12 years ago people used to say ‘why on earth have you bought three acres there, what about the smell?’,” Mrs Hennessey said.

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OdaTech Odour Treatment Products Featured in WSAA Newsletter

OdaTech has been featured in the Water Standards Association of Australia newsletter, with a three page feature OdaTech odour control systems.  Starting on page two of the attached newsletter, it discusses the need for such systems, as well as a description of the treatment process.

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Bioventing for fugitive emissions

A whiff of change is in the air for low-volume odour as gas streams, thanks to OdaTech’s reinvention of traditional biofiltration systems. By Garth Lamb.

Offensive odours are one of the most frequently reported environmental pollution incidents, with the nation’s regulatory authorities fielding an increasing number of irate calls as communities sprawl out from major cities into land traditionally buffered from intense public scrutiny.

While there are a number of options for treating high flows of odorous gases from sites such as abattoirs, industrial facilities or wastewater treatment plants, Ivan de Souza points out that it is not just major plants that “create a nuisance for people who live around them”.

Currently with the asset management division of WA’s Water Corporation, de Souza has developed a biofiltration system to treat odours throughout the sewage collection system, particularly at venting stacks and pumping stations. After 33 years with the water authority, he is moving on to set up OdaTech, which will target not only wastewater systems but also industrial odour sources.

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It’s terrific!

“I think it’s terrific that something so natural is being used to reduce the problem”

Mr Armstrong, resident living next to an OdaTech Odour Treatment Installation