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New System – Mandurah Terrace WWPS

OdaTech recently completed installation of an odour control system for Mandurah Terrace Wastewater Pump Station, in the heart of Mandurah, Western Australia.  The site had been an ongoing issue as it is in the middle of a pedestrian retail and dining precinct and odours from the pump station had been causing complaints from local businesses.


City of Mandurah’s preference was for the entire pump station to be relocated to a nearby site, at a cost of many millions of dollars.  Instead, OdaTech were tasked with designing and installing a system which would effectively treat odours, stop complaints and not compromise the aesthetic appeal and easy pedestrian access of the area.  The installed system was a 6-unit OdaVent MHV system in a two-stage arrangement to treat up to 300m3/h of foul air ventilated from the pump station.  The biofilters themselves are entirely concealed underground, with only the control cubicle, fan and vent stack above ground, and are located some distance away with existing pump station control cabinets.


Since the system was installed in June 2016, no further odour complaints have been received from residents or local businesses, and performance testing shows better than 99% removal and treatment of odourous hydrogen sulphide gas.

Griffith City Council Wastewater Reclamation Plant Odour Control System


OdaTech recently completed installation of an odour control system to extract and treat foul air from the inlet works at the Griffith City Council Wastewater Reclamation Plant.  A full design, supply, install and commission contract was awarded through tender and OdaTech’s system is sized to treat up to 3000m3/h of foul air in a two-stage biofiltration process with backup activated carbon filter.

In addition to the system itself, all air extraction ductwork was designed and installed by OdaTech to ensure that all possible odour sources in the inlet works were adequately ventilated.