New OdaTech Pump Station Odour Control System Installations

In the last six months, OdaTech has installed several new odour control systems in Western Australia.  Three were retrofitted to existing waste water pump stations to deal with odour complaints from nearby residents, and one was installed as part of the installation of a new wastewater pump station in a rapidly expanding suburb in Perth’s north.

Wanjeep Street Wastewater Pump Station, Mandurah

The existing infrastructure at Wanjeep Street Wastewater Pump Station was not well sealed, and as a result odorous gasses were leaking out of the system and irritating nearby residents.  Rather than undergoing a costly refurbishment to completely seal the pump station, Water Corporation (WA) elected to install an OdaTech odour control system.  The ventilated nature of the system means that the lids to the existing infrastructure do not need to be sealed, and the system was designed with a capacity of 900m3/h of foul air – enough to fully treat foul air from the planned upgrades to the pump station in the future.
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Armanta Road Wastewater Pump Station, Bunbury

Armanta Road wastewater pump station is only a small one, however it is located within metres of nearby resident’s homes.  The leak of foul air was so strong that it made even going outside at the wrong time of day unpleasant, and drew many complaints for nearby residents.  OdaTech installed an appropriately sized system – able to treat 150m3/h of foul air, which has been very successful – testing during commissioning showed that the system removed 100% of hydrogen sulphide gas – no H2S was reported post-treatment during an entire week of testing.

Armanta Dve WWPS OCU, Bunbury, WA

Clubhouse Drive Wastewater Pump Station, Dunsborough

Clubhouse Drive is appropriately named as the pump station is located on the golf course. It is also located next to a new housing development, and the odour leakage from the existing pump station was drawing complaints from both residents and golfers.  OdaTech’s system – designed to treat 600 cubic metres of foul air each hour – has completely solved the odour issues in the area.

2014-02-20 11.38.00

Morwell Street Wastewater Pump Station, Yanchep

Yanchep is a rapidly expanding area north of Perth, and the Water Corporation is installing new infrastructure in order to keep up with demand.  As a part of a new wastewater pump station installation in the area, six small underground OdaTech OdaVent odour control units were installed into the driveway under completely trafficable lids.  As the driveway is a necessary feature for the pump station, the odour control system does not create any addition to site footprint, and future odour complaints are completely avoided.

Morwell St WWPS b_g OdaVents

Upcoming OdaTech Exhibition Appearances

OdaTech is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the following interstate conferences in 2014:

  • 8th Annual WIOA NSW Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition – Orange NSW
    • 2nd & 3rd April 2014
    • PCYC, 2-10 Seymour Street, Orange NSW
  • 39th Annual Queensland Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition – Logan Qld
    • 4th & 5th June 2014
    • Logan Metro Sports Centre, 357 Browns Plains Rd, Crestmeade QLD
  • ENVIRO14 Environmental Expo  Adelaide SA
    • 17-19 September 2014
    • Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide SA

We look forward to seeing you there.

New Odour Control System: Busselton Wastewater Treatment Plant

OdaTech has recently completed work on its highest capacity odour control system – an eight-unit system installed as part of the Busselton Wastewater Treatment Plant capacity upgrade and refurbishment.  The system has a capacity of 6500m3/h and treats odours entirely through sustainable biofiltration – with no other treatment such as activated carbon required.



OdaTech Odour Control Systems Featured on Oz Innovations

Last week, OdaTech was featured on the television program Oz Innovations, shown on both free-to-air television and Foxtel. It highlights the benefits of OdaTech products and the unique, environmentally friendly odour control solution which our systems provide, as well as showing footage of some of our 50+ systems installed across Australia. The full video is below:

Couple Breathes a Sigh of Relief

Life is smelling much sweeter for residents on Milan Terrace in Aldgate.

For years part of the street had been plagued by a stench wafting from a nearby wastewater pump station.

For Leonie and Jim Hennessey, who built their three-storey mansion as a retirement investment, the smell was more than a mere inconvenience.

“When we moved here about 12 years ago people used to say ‘why on earth have you bought three acres there, what about the smell?’,” Mrs Hennessey said.

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OdaTech Odour Treatment Products Featured in WSAA Newsletter

OdaTech has been featured in the Water Standards Association of Australia newsletter, with a three page feature OdaTech odour control systems.  Starting on page two of the attached newsletter, it discusses the need for such systems, as well as a description of the treatment process.

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Bioventing for fugitive emissions

A whiff of change is in the air for low-volume odour as gas streams, thanks to OdaTech’s reinvention of traditional biofiltration systems. By Garth Lamb.

Offensive odours are one of the most frequently reported environmental pollution incidents, with the nation’s regulatory authorities fielding an increasing number of irate calls as communities sprawl out from major cities into land traditionally buffered from intense public scrutiny.

While there are a number of options for treating high flows of odorous gases from sites such as abattoirs, industrial facilities or wastewater treatment plants, Ivan de Souza points out that it is not just major plants that “create a nuisance for people who live around them”.

Currently with the asset management division of WA’s Water Corporation, de Souza has developed a biofiltration system to treat odours throughout the sewage collection system, particularly at venting stacks and pumping stations. After 33 years with the water authority, he is moving on to set up OdaTech, which will target not only wastewater systems but also industrial odour sources.

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