Benowa SPS: Odour treatment for balance tanks & wastewater infrastructure

OdaTech was recently awarded the contract to replace a poorly-performing odour control system in Benowa, Queensland.  The system used an alternative odour control technology and odours were still an issue, so we set about designing a system which would adequately ventilate and treat the foul air from the balance tank which was causing the issues.  The system, consisting four biofilters in a two-stage arrangement was designed to ensure that not only would foul air displaced by liquid inflow would be treated, but also that the head space in the tank would be continually ventilated to reduce the possibility of infrastructure corrosion.

Benowa SPS Odour Control System

The odour control system installed at Benowa SPS – with the balance tank from which the foul air is being ventilated and treated in the background

Full design, supply and install was completed by OdaTech (we install systems across Australia) and odour complaints completely ceased after installation was completed.

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