Beechboro Road Air Valve: underground odour control for air valve pits


The underground odour control system installed by OdaTech

The Flora Street rising main has several air valves installed along its length.  These are designed to relieve built up air in the pressure main, but can also ventilate odorous gasses which lead to odour complaints.  This particular system is located very close to residential properties in a utility corridor – the neighbouring property’s fence can be seen in the picture.

The installed system is a two-stage system consisting two OdaVent MHV100 units treating air vented from the air valve.  It has no external power requirement and has completely silent operation – similar systems can be installed in street verges or driveways.  The system is designed to be as simple and low maintenance as possible, and requires only quarterly spot checks (<10 minutes) and media life is 3-5 years.   Since the system was installed, no further odour complaints have been received from residents.