Beechboro Road Air Valve: underground odour control for air valve pits


The underground odour control system installed by OdaTech

The Flora Street rising main has several air valves installed along its length.  These are designed to relieve built up air in the pressure main, but can also ventilate odorous gasses which lead to odour complaints.  This particular system is located very close to residential properties in a utility corridor – the neighbouring property’s fence can be seen in the picture.

The installed system is a two-stage system consisting two OdaVent MHV100 units treating air vented from the air valve.  It has no external power requirement and has completely silent operation – similar systems can be installed in street verges or driveways.  The system is designed to be as simple and low maintenance as possible, and requires only quarterly spot checks (<10 minutes) and media life is 3-5 years.   Since the system was installed, no further odour complaints have been received from residents.


Flora Street Pump Station: preventing odours and corrosion in water infrastructure

The Flora Street Wastewater Pump Station had been causing odour issues for the Water Corporation of Western Australia for many years.  Despite large land buffers around the pump station, the age of the station and the leaky sewer infrastructure in the nearby area meant that sealing the upstream wastewater collection system to prevent pressurised foul air being released into the atmosphere was near impossible.

Hydrogen Sulphide measurements taken within the wet well showed an average of 182ppm and maximum of 316ppm – highly concentrated and likely to be causing corrosion of sewer infrastructure in addition to the ongoing odour issues.  As complaints from nearby residents continued, OdaTech was contracted to design, manufacture and install an odour control facility which would ensure that the issue was resolved.

Image of Flora St WWPS Odour Control System

The new Flora St WWPS biofiltration odour control system

The odour control system, completed in June 2015, was designed to not only treat the foul air extracted from the wet well, but also to keep the upstream collection sewer mains under negative pressure so that air would not escape from nearby access covers and manholes, a number of which were also located on the site.

biofiltration inlet graph

Hydrogen Sulphide data prior to OdaTech biofiltration treatment

Graph of outlet hydrogen sulphide measurements

Hydrogen Sulphide data post-biofiltration treatment, showing zero recorded H2S

Since the system has been installed, loggers have recorded zero H2S at the treated air outlet, but in addition to that, average hydrogen sulphide within the wet well has dropped from an average of 182 to 20 ppm – significantly reducing the risk of corrosion damage within the sewerage infrastructure.  Nearby resident, Dave Knight, among other nearby residents who had been suffering through odour issues for the last three years, sent us this testimonial:

Nearby resident, Dave Knight, who has been suffering through odour issues for the last three years, sent us this testimonial:

Ivan and the OdaTech team promised to stop the odour from our smelly neighbour and they delivered- in spades!  As soon as the system was started, the smell disappeared. The system is well designed, very professionally installed and the beauty of it is, apart from a constantly running fan, it is bacteria doing the heavy lifting, so it is very environmentally friendly. We lived with the smell for 3 three years which could be extremely frustrating and unpleasant. Now, the problem is solved and we can have BBQs again. We are happy and our neighbours have noticed the odour is gone. Thank you!

OdaTech has installed more than fifty such odour control systems across Australia and are happy to custom design a system for any size and footprint – contact us for a quote.

OdaTech visiting AWA and WIOA exhibitions in March 2015

2014-09-18 11.58.27

OdaTech will have displays at two exhibitions in New South Wales this March, showcasing our above and below-ground odour control and corrosion products.  We will be present at:

  • Australian Water Association Water Innovation Forum Sydney

    • 18th & 19th March 2015
    • Royal Randwick Sydney
  • 9th Annual WIOA NSW Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition – Orange NSW
    • 25th & 26th March 2015
    • PCYC, 2-10 Seymour Street, Orange NSW

We look forward to seeing you there.

New Installation: Denmark Wastewater Treatment Plant

Denmark Wastewater Treatment Plant Odour Control System

Denmark Wastewater Treatment Plant Odour Control System

OdaTech has continued its expansion into small-to-medium sized wastewater treatment plants with an odour control system installed in Denmark, Western Australia. The system, which utilised two OdaVent® SPSV1000 units is designed to fully treat air extracted from water treatment equipment at the plant. As with all our systems, it is designed to achieve 99%+ hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal, uses entirely natural green treatment media and has now harmful chemical by-products.

OdaTech odour control systems can treat foul air flows of anywhere between 10 and 6000 cubic metres per hour, and all our systems are custom designed to ensure that best possible treatment performance is achieved.

OdaTech Odour Control Systems Featured on Oz Innovations

Last week, OdaTech was featured on the television program Oz Innovations, shown on both free-to-air television and Foxtel. It highlights the benefits of OdaTech products and the unique, environmentally friendly odour control solution which our systems provide, as well as showing footage of some of our 50+ systems installed across Australia. The full video is below: