Odatech's patented products, the OdaVent® and Odouridder® utilise sustainable biofiltration technology and an innovative patented design to biologically oxidize hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and volatile organic compounds.

The products have been specifically designed and developed for dealing with odour and corrosion problems in sewer networks that include wastewater pumping stations, main sewers, discharge/drop manholes, air valve pits, overflow storage vessels, sewage pre-treatment facilities and other infrastructure for both municipal and industrial applications.

Fugitive gases from public wastewater infrastructure can cause offensive odours. Increasing urban development in many areas in Australia is resulting in residential properties being situated closer to public wastewater facilities which produce hydrogen sulphide and other odorous gases affecting public well-being and amenity and resulting in ongoing complaints against operators.

In addition, concrete corrosion due to build-up of corrosive gases within the sewer infrastructure results in premature failures and costly maintenance and refurbishment costs for the water utilities.

The OdaTech® suite of products has been successfully used to practically eliminate odour emissions and complaints from residents near wastewater facilities and have helped reduce build-up of corrosive gases by venting and treating gases at these sources.

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