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OdaTech uses sustainable biotechnology to resolve odour and corrosion problems in a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. Our, products, the OdaVent series of biofilters have been specifically engineered to overcome issues traditionally associated with biofiltration, such as bed compaction and uneven moisture levels, and our patented design achieves a removal rate of up to 99.9% per stage of treatment.

OdaTech’s unique product designs were created when company founder, Ivan de Souza was working at the Western Australian Water Corporation. Frustrated with the issues encountered with the wide-spread use of outdoor biofilter beds and the expensive and negative environmental effects of other odour treatment solutions, he designed a unique, tiered biofilter which is fully enclosed to allow for the best control over system operating conditions. For these efforts, Ivan was awarded the 2001 Water Corporation Chairman’s Award (silver), and the results of this work were implemented at several test stations in Western Australia. Since then, the design has been iteratively improved to become the OdaVent series of products.

Today, OdaTech has installed systems at over 50 locations, both in Western Australia and in other Australian states and territories, and has a series of products to suit a wide range of air treatment rates and septicity. The systems have no harmful by-products and the biomedia used in OdaTech systems is formulated using only renewable green-matter with no artificial additives.

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