As soon as the system was started, the smell disappeared

“Ivan and the Odatech team promised to stop the odour from our smelly neighbor and they delivered- in spades!  As soon as the system was started, the smell disappeared. The system is well designed, very professionally installed and the beauty of it is, apart from a constantly running fan, it is bacteria doing the heavy lifting, so it is very environmentally friendly. We lived with the smell for 3 three years which could be extremely frustrating and unpleasant. Now, the problem is solved and we can have BBQs again. We are happy and our neighbours have noticed the odour is gone. Thank you!”

Dave Knight, nearby resident to Flora Street Wastewater Pump Station

It’s terrific!

“I think it’s terrific that something so natural is being used to reduce the problem”

Mr Armstrong, resident living next to an OdaTech Odour Treatment Installation