Wastewater and Air Treatment 

Municipal bodies in both the public and private sectors have stringent wastewater and air treatment requirements. As the groups with the lions share of responsibility for residential and commercial wastewater, they are often responsible for the implementation of odour control in a community.

As you would know if you work in that industry – municipal waste can produce plenty of odorous gasses! Municipal waste can come from:

  • Wastewater plants
  • Landfills
  • Recycling plants
  • Hospitals
  • Aged care facilities

Municipalities are also responsible for managing domestic complaints and transient odours. As urban sprawl continues exponentially across Australia, it’s extremely beneficial for municipalities to partner with a highly experienced and dedicated odour treatment supplier like OdaTech. OdaTech has been employed and trusted by a range of town and city councils in its 10+ year history, including Griffith City Council and the City of Mandurah. OdaTech products have been successfully deployed to treat odours from pump stations, air valve pits, balance tanks, inlet works and much more.

In all cases, installing OdaTech products leads to the cessation of complaints from nearby residents and business owners. 

See a glowing statement from a resident located in the vicinity of the Flora Street Pump Station: ‘Ivan and the OdaTech team promised to stop the odour from our smelly neighbour and they delivered- in spades!  As soon as the system was started, the smell disappeared. The system is well designed, very professionally installed and the beauty of it is, apart from a constantly running fan, it is bacteria doing the heavy lifting, so it is very environmentally friendly. We lived with the smell for 3 three years which could be extremely frustrating and unpleasant. Now, the problem is solved and we can have BBQs again. We are happy and our neighbours have noticed the odour is gone. Thank you!’

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