System Perfomance

OdaTech’s biofiltration-based odour control systems are a proven method for treating hydrogen sulphide gas as well as other volatile organic compounds which are present in odorous gases.

Product Features:

  • Proven >99% removal efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable technology
  • Infrequent, simple maintenance requirements
  • Low capital and whole-of-life costs
  • Expandable, modular design
  • Small footprint
  • Custom-blended and optimised biomedia
  • Long biomedia life (3-5 years)
  • Completely controlled biofiltration environment, to ensure consistently high performance
  • No hazardous wastes
  • Minimal downtime during maintenance, systems are designed with fallbacks to ensure continued odour treatment
  • UV-resistant HDPE biofilter with corrosion-resistant contents
  • Optional SCADA control
  • Complies with WSA 121 – 2004 Water Industry Standard for Biofilters for Odour Control

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